• The Strategy Research Practice is a calling, not merely business or a service

MACRO, an acronym for Market Analysis & Consumer Research Organisation was established in 1989 by a group of Marketing Strategy professionals. A full service Strategic Market Research firm, MACRO, is based in Mumbai, India.

Its practice is focused on the area of business strategy, tactics and marketing issues . It also has a strong advisory service built on its strategic research capability over the decades of working on a wide spectrum of sectors.

Its proven Pan-Indian field network of affiliates operates in tandem with its leaders and practice heads to deliver the highest quality field investigations through various data collection techniques and analytical prowess.

The MACRO Difference –
True Agnostics, True Practitioners

MACRO is a truly sector and technique agnostic practice. We have proven expertise in a wide spectrum of sectors – thus cross applications and insights form a very crucial edge for all our clients.

On the service delivery side, we deliver reports, workshop style insights delivery, retainer based engagements and routine analytics and simple presence on the boards or management committees of our clients. We have been invited as counsellors and consultants on most of our client projects as a follow up service.

We are not technique specific and we believe in designing studies to solve problems and would not hesitate to refuse research requests if we feel the problem does not indicate research as a means of finding a solution.

Quite simply, we profess strategy and research methodologies our toolkits!

Project Spectrum

While all of the work cannot be presented in brief, an overview of the sheer diversity of work handled by MACRO is given here.

“The Strategy Research Practice is a calling, not merely a business or a service. Agnostic research methodology is its backbone, and the cascade of fast unraveling technology and tools in the wired world its context as well as its form”

MACRO India Clients