MACRO expertise
MACRO expertise

The well-knit team at MACRO believes in a hands-on work ethic that makes a tangible qualitative difference in its deliverables: the solutions.

Cross functional experience and specific area expertise is a key training objective for all MACRO team members.

Core Team

Nitin Pujar

Nitin Pujar, the Managing Partner of MACRO, is a respected research practitioner and renowned marketing thinker. He co-founded MACRO in 1989.

A Master in Business Administration in 1987 from Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune, Nitin has taught Marketing at R. A. Podar College of Commerce in Mumbai. He is a sought after speaker on the subject of Strategy & Research.

His other areas of professional interest include visual design & communication, social research, analytics and financial product marketing.

Nitin PujarTo quote Nitin, "The Strategy Research Practice is a calling, not merely a business or a service. Agnostic research methodology is its backbone , and the cascade of fast unraveling technology  and tools in the wired world its context as well as its form"

The world of business, and marketing and its strategic intent, is a world full of gaps and opportunities and needs a single minded devotion to drive value for its users and participants. Insights are sought, bought and sold as services today and are experiential for the learners but the truly successful and wise users of insights know that one needs to work with a diviner of insights and not a seller!

MACRO has over its two decades of inception, never sold its work, it has always approached its ability to be effective and solution driven, as a calling to be true and be curious for a cause!"