MACRO expertise
MACRO expertise

MACRO has full service capabilities in all the standard, tried and trusted techniques of   investigation and analysis. Devising and working on new protocols for research in niche  areas such as fragrance research and identity design research has made MACRO a choice of a   number of serious forward thinking marketing solution seekers and providers.

MACRO's Qualitative Studies & Path Breaking Proprietary Qualitative Research Protocols   are acknowledged to be the best in the market research industry in India.

Quantitative Surveys and Studies, both ad hoc as well as tracking, also are grist to the   mill for MACRO

Secondary Data Studies, Industrial Studies, Surveys and B2B Research Projects, using   original research approaches and designs are  routine for the MACRO team.

Its Analytics Practice has sought to use the power of computing and algorithms to cull out insights and track changes as they happen : Live Diagnostics are the new way we champion for all those that are listening!