MACRO expertise
MACRO expertise

MACRO seeks to have long term employee resources on board. A passion for marketing theory and a great degree of patience with the tough rigour of a market researcher’s work routine, are a must for any prospective employee.

Full Time

Executives: Full Time, with a marketing diploma, degree or post-graduate qualification. Preferably, with field investigation experience or market research agency experience.

Staff: Field Investigation Supervisors, Data Analysts with SPSS exposure, Tele-Calling and Tele-Interviewing Staff.

Flex Time

Flextime Positions / Project Staff
Interviewing: In-depth and B2B
Transcriptions: From audio tape to written
Analysis: Statistical
Analysis: Content for Qualitative Moderation of focus group discussions
Interpreters: Indian Languages to English


Open Internships: Part-Time Management Graduates
Summer Internships: For Management Course Requirement, Undergraduate Investigator Assignments and Client Team Training Placements

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